6 tactics to improve SEO

Those people that succeed with SEO implement two techniques very well. The first is the ability to identify the SEO tactics, which effectively get them results. The second is the implementation of those tactics to get the dream outcome. Moreover, SEO is in a constant state of change.

New trends are being followed, new updates are being released, and brand new strategies are being developed. It is constantly evolving. The algorithms of large companies are constantly undergoing refreshes and changes every day. The six tactics that will improve your success rate with SEO are:

review links to your websiteReview the link profile periodically: The link profile is an important entity in the website. If not controlled, it can have a negative effect. Using Google’s, webmaster tools / Search Console, you can scan the sites that have backlinks to your sites. Those spam sites which have low authority should be asked to remove their links to your site. Usually a polite email to the site’s webmaster works well. You can create a disavow file and submit it to Google. The disavow file will contain the links which you do not want on your site, but cannot remove. The process usually works.

above the fold imagesUse above the fold images: It is a well-defined fact that those, sites that use images are ranked higher than those sites, which do not use images. Having videos and images on your site also increase the user engagement and attracts more visitors to the site. It is not only about posting images, the content should be highly se optimized. To make sure that you get good rankings, make sure that the image that you post is of good quality and is relevant. Add a major keyword to the title of the image. Ensure that the size of the image is small so that the load speed is not affected.

target keywordsUse keywords frequently: one of the most effective strategies is to make frequent use of the keyword. Google looks for those sites, which have the search query keyword promoted throughout the site. Those sites, with more keyword occurrence, tend to be ranked above the other sites for the particular keyword, even if the authority of the page, authority of the domain and the total number of useful links are worse than the competing sites.

sslFacilitate the security of the site: Google recently revealed that the security of a site is a key factor, which decides the ranking of their effectiveness. Adding site encryption, alerts users of non-secure sites. This extra security layer helps the visitors to know that a site is safe and increase traffic.

Ensure the URL is keyword specific: Google still bases its ranking methods on the URL being relevant to the search query. In case you are using a long tail keyword, you should create an additional page and build a separate URL for the page with the keyword in the URL.

Image sitemaps should be included: Image sitemaps will improve the ranking of the page on Google’s search results.

We tend to look at complicated techniques to optimize SEO, but we miss the simpler tactics.

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What is Yandex Search Engine?

Russia’s most renowned search engine with an impressive 62% market share is Yandex .

It is highly popular in the countries of Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Even though Google is a major player in Russia, if you are a marketer in Russia, you should look at optimizing for the search engine Yandex first and then Google. Several SEO requirements of Yandex are different when compared to various other search engines. That is why optimizing for Yandex is such an interesting task, as it is completely different from how SEO professionals are accustomed to work.

Business market of Russia

If you are a company, which specializes in SEO services outside Russia, it is likely that you will not get many requests for the search engine Yandex . The reason for this is that Russia, has many agencies, specifically for working on the SEO aspects of Yandex . Moreover, these companies do not work outside the Russian territory. There is a high possibility, if you optimize SEO for a living, you may not have to optimize SEO for Yandex , throughout ,your whole career unless you work inside Russia or its neighboring countries .


Yandex’s Indexing

search resultsThe indexing of Yandex is calculated many times in one month for the static pages. It is indexed several times in one day for the blog posts. Yandex is much more efficient than Google in terms of Indexing. Indexing on Yandex is much smoother, if your site has a sitemap. The SEO on Yandex , is targeted towards the users living in Metro Areas . Depending on where the users live in Russia, their search results are delivered across 1400 cities. However, this is only for the geo specific queries. For regional business, companies are required to set up a system of Yandex Webmaster Tools. You can add your preferences to the catalog on Yandex , and utilize the subdomains and the domains alongside the regional specific content .

Yandex’s quality guidelines

Similar to Bing and Google, Yandex provides websites quality regulations, to improve the SEO. The main element, which Yandex suggests for creating good SEO, is:

Creating quality content

Put the users in first place and the search engines in the second place

Make the website easy to use

Make sure that the URLS contain the search query keyword

Place the links ,which the users will find easy to use

Yandex considers the following tactics to be black hat and disapproves of them

Duplicate or low quality content

Automatic generated text

Keyword stuffing

Doorway sites , which easily redirect the users to various different domains

Excessive advertisements

Link farming

Linking to various other sites in order to increase the rankings


Malicious behavior

Yandex user interface

The Yandex search engine uses a Yandex browser, which contains a blink layout interface, and it consists of a Chromium open source type project. The Yandex web browser successfully alerts the user whenever, he is visiting any harmful websites and checks downloads with the Kaspersky anti-virus system. The Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are the add-on for the Yandex browser.

Yandex Search engine optimization is not too different from the other search engines. Only the local SEO differs greatly, the indexing is a little too slow and the ranking priorities are different.

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6 Tips How to Advertise Small Business Online

          Small business owners never stood a chance before against big corporations when advertising is in question. They would have to invest lot of money and time in promoting their product in order to sell it. But know everything has changed, the development of Internet marketing has brought small business owners better possibilities and bigger break through on the market.



 If your company is on limited budget here are the 6 most defective and less expensive solutions for you:


Business owners started to avoid this type of marketing because they think it’s outdated, but it’s still alive and kicking. With an appropriate newsletter you can target your customers, give them information about your product and prices. Currently there is high rate of subscribers to newsletters and there is a big possibility that your future customers will recommend you to others by sending an e-mail.


Facebook advertisement has come to a significant improvement. It gives you possibility to target people based on their affinity, region where they live or their interests. It can easily compete with best keywords marketing campaigns, and their efficiency to reach the buyer is high.




Even though many business owners are afraid to use this type of advertisement thinking that it will cost them much money. Google Adwords is most popular among them. You can create your own ads, manage their time of display and use targeted words to promote your product or service. Google has recently created Google Adwords Express which automatically determents keywords for your type of business and displays your ad any time those words are researched by someone who lives close to you. Every SEO agency in belfast advise that you use this type of promotion.


When you are using this type of advertisement be sure to earn the trust of your buyers. This can only be accomplished with building a good bond between seller-buyer. Don’t write in your blog that your product or service is the best; you will only lose their trust. Give them an insight, good and bad side, advantages or disadvantages. Give them advice and recommendations, it will help them establish better bond with you and they will trust you to offer them a good product.


Both of these platforms are free to use. If you are in a business of selling highly visualized products than there is no better place than Insagram to promote it. For instance: if you are making jewelry and you want to advertise your product, you can always take a picture of it and put it on Instagram. This will attract mayor traffic to your web page.





It’s cheap and it’s effective. Set up a page with your product, your company name and details regarding your services. Since lot of people nowadays uses Facebook this is a great chance to promote your business and pay nothing. The more subscribers the bigger chance for success is.

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Head Of Google Search, Armit Sighal, To Leave Company

Google is such a big name that anything which happens of significance in the company immediately catches attention. The latest news is Armit Sighal. He is the Senior Vice President of Google. Over the past many years, he has been responsible and instrumental in giving a new shape to Google Search. Whether it is laptops, desktops, or mobile phones and smart phone device, Mr. Sighal has been able to make a big mark and has certainly made Google as undoubtedly the best search engine in the world. He will be leaving the company after having served it for 15 long years. February 26, 2016 will be his last day on Google.


It has well and truly been a very creditable journey for Mr. Sighal. He looks back at his journey with Google and states that today the search engine of Google is much stronger that it was ever. He also has lot of faith, optimism and faith in the next line of leadership to whom the search engine baton is being handed over. The likes of John Giannandrea according to Mr. Sighal are more than competent to step into his shoes. It would be pertinent to mention here that John has pioneered a number of efforts pertaining to artificial intelligence. His contribution to RankBrain is very much a talking point even today. Giannandrea has been with Google for the past six years and he is the Vice-President at Google heading the Engineering Division.

Having spent almost half of his life in Corporate life, Sighal now feels that it is time to step back and slow move away from the horizon. He would like to involve himself in philanthropy and see how much difference he can make the society and world at large with his philanthropic activities. Another big reason why is going to make February 26, 2016 his last day is to spend more time with his wife and children. According to him he has missed spending quality time with his wife because of their extremely busy schedules. His son will soon be stepping into college and there will be a vacuum left in the house which Mr. Sighal would like to fill up.


star trek orignal castHe is satisfied and contended when he looks back as to what he has achieved over the past fifteen years. Google’s search engine has been able to transform millions of lives and Sighal prides in the fact that over a billion people depend on Google search engine for their activities, both personal and commercial. When Sighal was young he believed in Star Trek and today he says that his dreams have come true. Today Google, according to Sighal has become second nature to him and his colleagues in the Company.


He has unending love and respect for Google. He firmly believes that this is a company which has always been doing the right things. It is a company that cares for everybody. He looks back at his journey with Google with gratitude and deep in his heart he is also happy to have played his part in building Google to what it is today.

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82% Of Super Bowl Ad Searches Happened On Mobile

mobile devicesmobile devicesIt is really hard to believe that 82% of Super Bowl ad searches happened on mobile. Though there was disbelief initially, it has been proven to be true. Those who underestimated the power of the mobile phone must now ruing their lack of knowledge and vision. According to the latest figures released by Google, almost 82 percent of ads driven by TV and their relevant searches during the Super Bowl had happened over smart phones. Another great piece of news is that this is around twelve percent more when compared to last year. The figure last year was 70% and moving to 82% was indeed a great achievement. This certainly goes to show the way in which smart phones are being used for getting information about Super Bowl. The ad-related searches included YouTube and Google.


A Few More Important Points

Statistics and figures have shown that just around 11 percent of searches pertaining to super bowl happened on the laptops and desktops. More importantly only seven percent of such searches happened through tablets. It would be very interesting to put these percentages in absolute numbers so that the right perspective could be found out. According to figures the advertisements were responsible for more than 7.5 million additional searches especially during the Broncos-Panthers games. These figures were confirmed by none other than Google and hence the authenticity of the figures is never in doubt. When one compares the figures with the last years’ figures they have shown a dramatic 40 percent increase which is phenomenal to say the least.


The First Two Quarters Were The Best

The interesting fact is that searches which were driven by Super Bowl TV advertisements were at their best during the first two quarters as far as this year’s matches were concerned. The searches however, did fall during the second half. This perhaps could be explained because the score lines usually remained very tight and the viewers were either glued to their TV sets or were watching the match with full interest in the ground. This was what the trend as far as the last year’s games were concerned. This has again been confirmed by Google.


How The Figure Looks Each Quarter

There are figures which also point to one more interesting fact. When the matches were being played between the Seahawks and Broncos, with the former dominating the latter, the interest levels dipped quite significantly. When the match was eventually won by Seahawks 43-8 the ad contents and ad searches grow quite a bit in the second half.


Brands Made Good Use Of The Surge In Searches

When the search results became evident and were confirmed by Google, many Super Bowl advertisers got into the act and wanted to make the best of it. Audi was the topper and it is “Commander” advertisement. The entire advertisement campaign was dominated by this particular automobile brand as far as this season is concerned. The top brands which contributed to the advertisement apart from Audi were Kia, Acura and Honda. Universal Studios also was quite aggressively present and the new movie featuring Jason Bourne.

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Yahoo V Google Search

yahoo vs googleWhenever we have the need to search for information about products, services or for that matter almost anything, we use Google to a great extent. There are also many who use Yahoo as a search engine. Both of them are unique in their own ways and they use different algorithms and techniques when evaluating searches and contents on the internet. Hence it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at Yahoo versus Google search features from various angles. Though the common perception could be that Google has outgrown and outstripped Yahoo as far as search engine is concerned, there are a few points pertaining to Yahoo which cannot be discounted or brushed aside.


How Is A Search Engine Evaluated

The reason why people use search engine is to get the information that they are looking for. They might have preference of one search engine over another, but at the end of the day it is the results and its usefulness which matter the most. Though it would be difficult to find out how the customers feels about the various search engines, there are reasons to believe that in terms of relevance of search results, Yahoo might be slightly better off. In a scale of 5, Yahoo scores 4.8 while Google has 4.6 to show. On the other hand in terms of concise nature of information Google scores better over Yahoo. Viewers are offered the facility of previewing what is available inside which according to many users is extremely useful and relevant.



Google has been known to keep changing its algorithm regularly and keep it in line with changing requirements. There is no doubt that as far as quality of algorithm is concerned, Google is far ahead of Yahoo. It gives importance to quality content rather than giving preference to links which could be well established. Yahoo still continues to bet on well established links for throwing out search results. Google is preferred more because of its ability to provide customers with relevant and reliable results. New bloggers and website owners also prefer it because it helps them to build links easily.


Ease Of Use And Access

chartAnother factor determining a search engine is the ease of access and use. Google offers software known as Google Instant, which according to many users helps a lot in helping them with faster and quicker results. Even without having to press “enter” key results are visible to users. However, as far as home page is concerned, there is hardly any doubt that Yahoo is much better. It has a wide collection of pages which talk about sports, finance, news, weather and quite a bit more. Hence according to many users Yahoo provides them with a scientifically and logically arranged home page which aids easy access of relevant information.


At the end of the day it would be wrong to state that one is better than the other. Those who compare yahoo versus Google search realize that both the search engines have their own benefits and unique features and one is not inferior to the other.

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